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Ingrown Toenail Q & A

What Is An Ingrown Toenail? 

An ingrown toenail is a very common condition that happens when your toenail digs into the nearby soft tissue instead of growing over it.

At Cartersville Foot and Ankle Specialists in Cartersville GA, the team offers safe and effective treatment for ingrown toenails. The practice is led by a team of expert podiatrists committed to keeping your feet healthy.

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What Causes Ingrown Toenails?

Ingrown toenails are one of the most common nail ailments. An ingrown toenail is a painful condition that causes swelling, redness, and irritation to the tissues surrounding your toenail. 

Although an ingrown nail can affect any of your toes, it most commonly affects the big toe. Ingrown toenails can be caused by a number of issues.

Among them are:

  • Improperly trimmed nails
  • Heredity
  • Ill-fitting shoes
  • Toe injuries or repeated trauma

How Are Ingrown Toenails Treated?

Treatment depends on the severity of your ingrown nail. If your condition is mild, your podiatrist may recommend certain at-home treatments like soaking the nail to relieve swelling and tenderness. 

If your condition doesn’t improve with at-home care, your doctor may lift the nail and place a splint under it to get it to grow normally. 

If your condition is more severe, your doctor may perform a minor procedure to remove a portion of the affected nail. If you experience repeated ingrown toenails, your doctor also removes a portion of the underlying tissue along with the nail.

Although an ingrown toenail is typically a minor problem, if left untreated, it can cause serious complications. If you suffer from diabetes, it’s especially important to receive proper treatment for your ingrown toenail. 

Untreated or undetected ingrown toenails can become infected and lead to serious complications like bone infections, ulcers, and gangrene. 

How Can I Prevent Ingrown Toenails?

In many cases, ingrown toenails can be prevented. To minimize your risk of developing an ingrown toenail, you should:

  • Trim your nails straight across
  • Avoid tight-fitting shoes
  • Keep your toenails at a moderate length (not too short or too long)

Prevention is the best way to protect yourself against painful ingrown toenails, but if you do develop one, the podiatrists at Foot Healers can provide you with timely and effective relief. 

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