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Safely Minimize Treatment Pain, Stress, & Anxiety

At Cartersville Foot and Ankle Specialists, led by Dr. Katie Gusching, patient comfort is paramount. From the moment you step into our practice, we prioritize your ease and well-being.

We are dedicated to staying at the forefront of advancements in podiatry to provide top-notch care to every individual who walks through our doors in Cartersville.

Our commitment to your comfort and care is demonstrated by our recent integration of the Pro-Nox nitrous oxide system into our practice. 

Recognizing that some patients may experience apprehension before certain procedures, we have introduced Pro-Nox to enhance your comfort during treatments.


Pro-Nox is an innovative patient-controlled nitrous oxide delivery system designed to alleviate pain and promote comfort during various procedures, including nail surgeries, wart treatments, foot injections, and other podiatric procedures. Unlike traditional anesthesia methods, Pro-Nox puts you in control of your comfort level.


Administered through a convenient mouthpiece and hose, Pro-Nox allows you to regulate the inhalation of nitrous oxide during your treatment session with Dr. Gusching.

By holding the mouthpiece and hose, you can adjust the intake of nitrous oxide according to your individual comfort needs. This empowerment often helps alleviate any anxiety or tension associated with podiatric procedures at our practice.

Pro-Nox differs from conventional nitrous oxide administration methods. Unlike scenarios where dosage control rests solely with the practitioner, Pro-Nox delivers a balanced 50% nitrous oxide and 50% oxygen mixture, empowering you to manage your comfort levels effectively. Once inhalation ceases, the nitrous oxide dissipates from your system within a short span.


Pro-Nox empowers you to navigate pain and anxiety during treatment, ensuring a serene and relaxed experience. Its rapid onset ensures you remain alert throughout the procedure, without concerns of drowsiness or sedation. With Pro-Nox, you can undergo podiatric procedures with confidence and ease.


If you’re considering podiatric procedures but have concerns about discomfort or anxiety during your visit to Cartersville Foot and Ankle Specialists, Pro-Nox offers a solution for relaxation and tranquility throughout your treatment. Particularly beneficial for individuals with nervous tendencies, Pro-Nox helps alleviate worries and fosters a stress-free environment during procedures.


Unlike traditional nitrous oxide, the Pro-Nox mixture swiftly exits your system, enabling you to resume your normal activities promptly after treatment. Following a brief observation period post-treatment, you can safely drive or engage in your usual routine.


Nitrous oxide, including that administered via Pro-Nox, stands as one of the safest in-office sedation methods, with a longstanding history of use in medical settings. Under the vigilant supervision of Dr. Gusching and our skilled team at Cartersville Foot and Ankle Specialists, Pro-Nox ensures relaxation and safety during your procedure.